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Our All Inclusive Web Design Process
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Our Website Design and Development Process

Website Design Process

Our team always return calls within a day, but we want to meet you in person and discuss your requirements in greater detail. We want to ensure that your new website will work for you in every possible way; making your life easier, generating new business and making you into a web leader. After our initial meeting we aim to turn this into a proposal in under a week. When we start work on your project, we stay in touch with you at every stage, consulting on design decisions and working with you to create the website that you envisioned and more.

  • Initial Contact – In depth discussion about the needs of your business and your goals.
  • Planning – Research and design concepts are collated and presented to the client.
  • Content – Outline proposals for page content and layout.
  • Design – Colours, artwork, graphics and flowcharts are pieced together and concepts are put into the design stage.
  • Development – Coding and validation checks are carried out to ensure flawless functionality on every page.
  • Launch – Submitting the new design to Google and other search engines, launching and monitoring the new website.

Initial Contact

Brainstorming New Web Design Ideas

We want to create trusting relationship with all of our customers with a friendly and approachable manner. We talk through all of your website goals and objectives, looking at your existing resources and your long term vision for your business.

During this stage we aim form a good understanding of your business, your objectives, your competition and your strengths. We look at your current position and the shape of your online business with a view to develop the best strategy to supports your business going forward. During this initial contact stage, we would like to meet you and your key personnel to discuss your business, helping us to formulate ideas and approaches for your website development strategies. It’s important to ensure your web designer completely understand your business as your website is absolutely critical to the success of your organisation. We aim to thoroughly understand your business model and your processes to help us develop your website together.

Planning Phase of your Website Design

To plan your website we help you construct a logical architecture for the site content from the homepage to the categories and information pages. It is absolutely critical that a thorough plan is created to understand the goals and objectives. We are experts at website development and website promotion so we aim to educate our clients and demonstrate the best practices for a modern, well structured and well coded site that will do very well on Google search results. When the site goes live, we continue to monitor statistics to determine the success of this plan. So we create the plan together, put it in action and monitor, review and adapt (constantly). Plans are only truly effective when results can be analysed and the plan is fine tuned based on results. We plan, monitor and adapt, constantly improving the content on your site to maximise the success of each web page.

Website Content Proposal Phase

Wireframe Web Design Concept Stages

It’s an old adage, but content is king. It always has been and always will be so it is of paramount importance that the content on your site is well written, informative, relevant and engaging. The content is what sets you apart from your competition and the content is what brings people to your site, grabs their attention and keeps them there. Content should be well deigned, catchy and relevant to your business and it should be easy to read and understand. Content should be captivating, attractive and shareable too!

This is such a critical stage for the client to get involved as nobody understands your business like you do. It’s important that your expertise comes across at this stage and the key parts of each area of your business are defined, well structured and integrated into the site in the appropriate places.

Apart from the usability of your pages, we must also ensure that Google can find them and understand them too. Your pages must function in many ways for search engines to like what they find and present them in search results. To use an analogy, the architecture of a web page is like the architecture of a building. It’s not just what you see above ground, there’s a whole sub-structure below the page that’s helping it stand strong in the search engine results. The anatomy of a page is a science in itself and we totally understand it. We can make sure that your pages get found.

Website Design Phase

When concepts are agrees and proposals are signed off, we embark on the design phase. This is when we start to create your homepage and internal pages based on the concepts we’ve discussed and the plans we have formulated. These pages are constructed based on the client brief and the ideas and experience of our design team. We create these pages offline in studio with daily progress uploads so that you can view and comment on on design progress each day.

The design phase is where everything really comes together into physical web pages with graphics, menus, images and textual content. If your site is e-commerce then the shopping cart, product pages and shipping modules are designed and integrated into the site, along with all of the info pages, FAQ pages and general site structure. Progress is updated daily so you’re able to watch your site being designed in live time. This is an exciting phase in the development and it’s a phase where we encourage feedback and interaction with our clients.

Website Development Phase

Web Development Phase

Development is something that goes hand-in-hand with the design phase. Development is the ongoing coding and graphics design that’s required to give seamless website functionality. Your website has to be beautiful but it must also be coded perfectly so that it functions as it should. Google looks at the coding on each page of your site and it recognises coding errors so every page must be error free, quick to load and optimised for the web.

By definition, ‘development’ is the process of developing growth and making progress. As you watch the design of your new website come to life, you’ll also be able to test and comment on development and functionality issues.

Launch, Test and Debug Phase

A lot of effort is required at this stage to ensure that the new website is fully functional, properly optimised and totally error free. This is the last phase of the project and it requires a lot of tests with a range of different loads and experimental scenarios. We are looking for errors in the code, cross-browser platform testing and mobile device compatibility tests. We are looking for any signs that the website is throwing an error or dropping off in speed or efficiency.

Before the site is launched, if it’s a website upgrade then we need to ensure that all the old URL’s are properly redirected to the new pages so that your site doesn’t drop off the face of Google. This is obviously a phase that should not be rushed, albeit tempting to launch your lovely new site. It’s imperative that it’s fully tested and triple checked before it goes live.

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