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Planning the Content and Layout for Your New Website.

Plan Your Site Content and Reap the Rewards

Well designed site content will help your visitors understand your company, your products & services and your strengths. It’s a fact that people landing on your website for the first time will have made a judgement call within 8 seconds. Comprehensive site architecture and imaginative content is absolutely critical.

Glasgow Website Designer can help you to design catchy site content that’s relative to your organisation, cleverly placed on your website pages and backed up by original imagery and video content. We can’t stress the importance of careful planning at this stage in your website design.

Some of the main areas we cover at this stage are bullet pointed below. This list is not exhaustive but the main areas for discussion are:

  • Content Inventory: A concise list of all content planned for the website (text, images, documents and applications).
  • Target Customer Profiling: Demographic and geographic profiling and customer persona for target marketing purposes.
  • Use Case: Analysis that identifies and organises the possible sequences or interactions between users and your site.
  • Sitemap: A list of all pages on a web site for your visitors but also for Google to crawl and index.
  • Wireframes: Sketches of the main elements on your webpages for planning the structure and functionality of the site.

Content is More Than Just Words

Decisions to be Made on Website Content Style

If you want as many of your website visitors as possible to read, understand and interact with your website; then contact you and eventually purchase your goods and services; then you must present them with relevant, well laid out and easy to use content. You must give your site visitors a good user experience that encourages them to read, browse, interact, sign up, download and purchase in exactly the way you intend them to.

You need clear, concise branding & messaging on each page with well placed calls-to-action. You can achieve this with a sensible mix of well written, fresh and relevant content along with striking images and website videos. Each web page should be attractive, intuitive and informative as the aim is to engage with your audience. Your website must encourage interaction, contact and eventually conversion from a site visitor to a repeat customer. Glasgow Website Designers can help you perfect your site content and maximise your sales and conversions.

How to Create That Good User Experience

  • Create a logical link structure and relationship between each page on the website.
  • Understand your target audience and present them with the relevant content they seek.
  • Develop a sitemap and logical site architecture that’s easy and flawless to use.
  • Regularly analyse website statistics to ensure users are behaving as predicted.

By understanding your company and learning as much as we can about your day-to-day business and website objectives, we can set out a site-content plan. The objective is to distribute an intelligent placement of content throughout your new site. When an outline plan is agreed, we will start to create a sitemap proposal with accompanying wireframes to show content placement; navigation; calls-to-action and conceptual images and videos.

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