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Stand Out with Superior Web Design

The design of your website is like a window into your organisation. Your website is what visitors use to form judgements about your company, it’s what shapes their overall perception about you. It is absolutely critical for the success of your organisation that we create a well designed website that presents you as an industry leader. Perception is everything, so we must portray you as a solid brand with professional integrity and a clear sales message.

When we reach the design phase of your new website, we will have already agreed layout concepts and a sitemap structure. Now it’s time to create homepage mock-ups and internal web page layouts for approval. This is where you see the concepts we’ve discussed become physical web pages in an online development environment. Website colours; icons and graphics; navigation menus and filters; page structures; sales messaging and textual content will start to come together in the weeks ahead with daily progress uploads for inspection and feedback.

Concepts and Website Mock Ups

Getting our ideas from paper to a new custom website design takes a lot of background work and preparation. We work hard to learn about your company, we study your competitors and market place, we identify your target audiences and help to formulate effective company branding and powerful sales messaging. We use experienced website designers, professional coders and search engine experts to work together and do what we do best (superior website designs).

Taking a site from concept to mock up is an art that we’ve perfected and it’s an exciting phase in the design process. All of the conceptual imagery and company messaging will come together with various mockups and unlimited revisions until it’s absolutely perfect. Nothing short of perfection will do as we completely understand that the perception and reputation of your company hinge on this design. We treat all of our clients how we would like to be treated and we always aim for perfection in design.

Design Reviews and Revisions

Feedback Review and Re-Design

As the website comes together with daily progress uploads, it’s only natural that feedback will lead to revisions. Not just feedback from our client but consultation between our own team members with suggestions on how to improve and develop each element on a page.

We fine-tune a page many times to make sure it that it has perfect alignment, error free coding and that all the goals and objectives of the page are comprised in a clear and easy to use framework. We will make as many design revisions as required, so long as the final product is perfect, then that’s the aim of our game (perfection).

Internal Page Designs

The homepage and navigation design is usually tackled first, followed by any gallery pages (product listing grids) and side menu bars. When we’ve finalised these main pages then we start to build and develop the internal information pages and product pages. Much like the main page design, these internal pages go through rigorous testing and revisions until a final design is accepted.

These internal pages take longer than the main homepage and gallery view pages because there tends to be many of them to consider. From the contact-us page and about-us page through to the FAQ’s, testimonials, product description pages, blog pages and T&C’s. There are normally a lot of different internal pages with a range of different layouts and content to consider. Designing your site so that all of these pages gel well together in a logical, flowing manner is the priority here. It takes the experience of a professional web designer to really make this work and ensure that the anatomy of each is designed with both customer and Google in mind. Glasgow Website Designers can really help to achieve superiority and head you up as a leader in your field.

Company Branding and Eye-Catching Imagery

Your homepage is the most important page on your site as it’s the page most visitors land on. This page should be optimised to perfection with lots of calls-to-action and beautiful, striking images. You homepage and key landing pages must have attractive sales messaging which is catchy, clever and concise. Effectively these are advertising messages that really sell your products and services and encourage the user to click through to the pages you want them to see. The language and imagery should be designed by a marketing and graphics design team. These key landing pages are critical to the success of the website as they’re foremost in each site visit and essential to sell what you have to offer. GWD Website Designers can help you with catchy designs and marketing messages that are smarter than your competition.

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