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Web Development is the Primary Route
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GWD Web Designers use the CMS solutions which best suit your business and your online goals

Advanced Website Development Services for Online Success

You’ve seen our “Choose any Website Design” tagline, well that is just the aesthetic part of your site. Your website needs to be beautiful, but it must also be intuitive for your customers and completely functional for your staff. GWD Web Designers has been developing business websites for years and we are able to develop websites that not only look beautiful but function effectively and efficiently for your team, your site visitors and for maximised Google rankings. There’s much more to a website than just making it look good, icebergs breathtakingly beautiful but what’s beneath the surface? What’s keeping them afloat?

  • Fluid Mobile Compatibility: 60% of we users are on mobile devices. Desktops are becoming obsolete.
  • Web Applications and Admin Control Panels: Back end systems are the engine behind your website.
  • Modern e-Commerce Solutions: Developing safe and consistent shopping carts that instil trust in your business.
  • Seamless Content Management Systems: Choosing the right system for your business is a prerequisite to success.
  • Perceptive Search Engine Optimisation: The science of getting found and staying on the top of Google search results.
  • Flawless Coding and Page Load Speed: Perfect code that creates quick loading pages and a Google reputation for a good user experience.

Mobile Ready Website Development by Glasgow Website Designer

Mobile Website Development

You simply cannot ignore the statistics on mobile usage. The latest figures show that over 60% of internet users are surfing on smart phones and tablets. Desktop PC’s and laptops are becoming less and less popular. From monitoring our own website and our customer websites we’re seeing an average of 64% as mobile traffic. If you don’t have a user friendly mobile site then you are losing money. Not only that but Google will not rank you on mobile search results if your site is not mobile friendly. You can’t continue to lose market share to your competitors, you really must ensure your site is modern and easy to use on a mobile phone or tablet. Glasgow Website designers can help take your existing website from obsolete to modern and responsive in just a few short weeks. We can transform your existing website into something current and cutting edge that’s compatible with all browsers and all devices.

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Backend of Website InterfaceWeb Applications and Admin Control Panels

The front end of our your website is just one half of it. The website that your customers use and the platform they browse is held together by the back-end system. It’s absolutely imperative that the engine behind your site is fast and light-weight but customised and flexible to suit your own specific business needs. The back-end architecture is just as important (if not more so) than the front-end architecture. Our website development techniques and experience enable us to create fast web apps and admin systems which are customisable, scalable and completely functional for your business. We use a combination of third party plug-ins, open-source and custom coding to ensure your organisation has the perfect in-house system to communicate with employees and do business with your customers. Using our custom built control panels, your business will have the perfect interface for your staff and this will work hand-in-hand with the front end of your website so your clients and your campaign messages are in perfect sync with your administration side.

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e-Commerce Checkout and Shopping Cart Systems

e-Commerce Systems

If you’re looking to offer a shopping cart checkout to your customers so they can add your products to their cart and checkout online then we provide a variety of e-Commerce solutions to consider. From subscription based services like Shopify and WooCommerce; to custom built open-source solutions with enterprise level admin controls. We’ll be able to discuss and advise which option fits best with your business but whichever option you choose, we guarantee you’ll have full control over the design, checkout process and merchant account (payment gateway).

Glasgow Website Designers can deliver robust e-Commerce systems with low cost installation fees and really fast development time scales. Our experience with e-Commerce gives us an edge over our competition and we can advise on SSL Secure Socket Layer checkout systems, low cost and reliable merchant accounts, cost-effective business banking and suitable checkout software. All integrated into a robust e-commerce website with the option to integrate accounting software and stock level control software.

Content Management Systems

With so many content management systems to choose from, it is essential that careful consideration is given to the pros and cons of each one. Every CMS has it’s own range of drawbacks and advantages so we need to discuss and decide which option is best for you business model. This can be a make-or-break decision (like choosing the foundation for a new building) but we have experience with most of today’s better systems and we can advise and recommend the best choice for your needs. It is essential that your CMS allows you to publish content to your site easily; organise pre-set publishing schedules; harness software functionality for e-Commerce and stock control; manage sales and customers; control staff and affiliates; all within the constraints of time and resources. We will be able to show you working models of different systems, allowing you to make an informed decision on this important choice.


Magento CMS
Drupal CMS
Joomla CMS
Wordpress CMS
Sitefinity CMS
Brightsite CMS

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO Keywords and Google Indexing

What’s the point in having a website if it isn’t on the first page of Google for your target key phrases and target audience? In this regard, search engine optimisation is very much part of website development. This phase of development is the key to ensuring that the website is built around the guidelines and parameters set out by Google, maximising exposure to targeted search phrases and target markets.

There are literally millions of websites, books and journals out there with a mass of information and misinformation about SEO. It’s an absolute minefield and it’s something that should never be handed to amateurs as low quality SEO can actually get your site de-indexed and wiped from the face of Google! Glasgow Website Designers follow the simple Google guidelines to keep your site high up in the SERP’s and ensure it’s never penalised for black hat SEO techniques.

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Error Free Website Coding by Glasgow Website Designer

Error Free Coding and Fast Page Loading

If a website is poorly coded and not properly optimised for the web then it’s sending signals to Google, telling them it’s a low quality site with a poor user experience. As a result, slow sites with errors in the coding will tend to rank lower than they should. For most sites, these errors go unnoticed as they’re not causing any visible issues. The errors are in the code itself and although the site would ‘appear’ to be working just fine it is not.

There are numerous tests and checks that GWD run on every page when we’re developing a new website but why not test your existing site with this W3C Markup Validator and see how many errors there actually are (below the surface of your code). Surprised? This is just one basic tool but we use many more complex analyses to ensure your site is loading and running flawlessly with no errors, sending the correct signals to Google, “Good user experience”.

  • Speed Tests: This Google Speed Test Tool is indispensable as it let’s us analyse the speed on each page of your desktop and mobile website using Google test parameters. Why not test your existing website now?
  • Coding Analysis: W3C Markup Validators, Javascript performance test tools, the anatomy of a page for SEO, source code layout and analysis tools. These are just a few of the tests we carry out. Not just on every website but on every page.

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