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First Contact with GWD Web Designer
Our Chance to Discuss and    Learn About Each Other

We aim to educate you about our own services as we learn about your own setup and requirements

Initial Contact: Our Chance to Learn About Your Website Needs

When we show up to your first consultation, we won’t be talking about fonts and colours, we’ll be looking at ways to drive more business and enquiries through your website.

GWD Web Designers President David McDaid

GWD Founder, David McDaid leads the majority of our new project consultations.

David McDaid, Founder of GWD Web Designers graduated from GCU University where he studied Project Management. He began building Content Management Systems in 2001, and founded GWD Web Designers in 2016. He has led projects for organisations and institutions such as Morrisons, Carillion, Raynesway, Barr Construction and many more. He has an exceptional ability to communicate with his clients about complicated technical subject matter in a down to earth, easy to understand manner. David has changed businesses through his no-nonsense web strategies and implementations.

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What Happens at Our Initial Consultancy Meeting?

  • You’ll meet with key personnel from GWD to discuss your business objectives and website concept
  • A project team is established with roles for each key area of the project
  • Goals and Milestones are set out planned into a schedule
  • Points of contact are laid out and defined
  • A detailed project plan is discussed and a schedule is agreed

All projects begin with an initial meeting to establish a trusting relationship with shared goals and objectives. This is essential in any working partnership if business objectives are to be achieved. When we have determined your overall vision we need to ensure that sufficient resources are in place to realise these goals. By meeting with you, we’ll gather the information we need to learn about your business and shape our approach to the most fitting strategy that supports your company objectives and website vision. During our initial meeting, we will discuss your project with key personnel from your organisation to help us completely realise your vision.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely Goals

In addition to GWD learning about your business and understanding your goals and objectives, we try to acquaint with our design process and show you how we work and what to expect from the each stage of the project. We cover everything from feasibility principals to time scheduled results.

Following the initial meeting, a detailed project plan is created and submitted to you, the client. This takes the form of a horizontal bar graph that charts a map from inception to successful completion of project. Deadlines and milestones are defined and our team will work towards these goals.

In some cases, you may wish to hire a clerk of works to oversee your project and ensure GWD are adhering to your plans and carrying out works in accordance to industry standards and codes of practice. It is always advisable to employ an independent agent to oversee larger projects. We are also happy to take on a project management role or clerk of works role should you choose another designer. It is important that you ensure your project is carried out to the highest possible standard so employing an independent with the technical knowledge to oversee the project will benefit you greatly.

Additional Technology Consulting Services

Website Business Analysis

Do you have a clear and concise understanding of what your company website REALLY NEEDS? GWD Web Designers will help you identify and define the key areas where you can capitalise to achieve your business goals. We’ll cut through the technical jargon and deliver a well written tender request with technical specifications that enable you to invite tenders on each stage of your project.

Project Oversight as Clerk of Works

If you’re using a different designer or website developer then you really need to employ an independent expert to oversee the development of your site. GWD will take on this role and oversee any of your website projects, ensuring that your developers are not cutting corners or missing important elements in the sub-structure code. Having an expert managing your project ensures that it’s done properly and timeously. Don’t risk your developer cutting corners, you need an expert on your side.

Creation of Web Design Tender Requests

If your company does not have the expertise to create a sound, technical request for tender, then you’re going to find it difficult to compare quotes. The tender request is an extremely important document for ensuring a website project is clearly defined with a concise set of technical requirements and recommended technologies. You need to ensure that each quote or proposal from each developer gives a like for like comparison, outlining the clear cost differences between each potential website developer. GWD can prepare a sound, detailed tender request for your upcoming projects.

Website Usability

Website Usability in Modern Design

Does your company have a website with a high bounce rate? Are your visitors staying on your website and making enough purchases online? Is your web design user-friendly and does it define your brand? If you honestly answer no to any of these probing questions then your website is costing you money! Your website is so important to the success of your business. It defines your brand and it generates revenue for your company. It is absolutely essential that your website is well designed and follows the best codes of practice, with an overall favourable user experience. Why not hire GWD Web Designers to design the look and feel of a new website if you’ve already employed another developer?

Help You to Choose a Website Developer

Most businesses do not have the expertise to choose the best company for their website development projects. If you’re not an expert in web design then it can be a daunting experience trying to choose the right developer in a sea of seemingly similar choices. like any trade or profession, there are good ones and bad ones and the entire success of your organisation depends on making the right choice. If you employ the wrong developer then they’ll cut corners and you run the risk of paying for a poorly designed website that will cost you dearly. Not just in the monetary development costs but in the long term success of your business in the Google search results. If you are about to undertake a new project and GWD Web Designers aren’t available to take it on, then we will work as a website consultant and help you to choose the best developer for your project.

Website Management

A website isn’t something that you redesign every few years. A good website is something that you feed and nourish every day! If you don’t have the expertise or resources to manage and maintain the day-to-day health of your website then let GWD Web Designers do it for you. We can improve your investment by maintaining the health of your website on a weekly or daily basis. We offer a range of services which guarantee you’ll get relevant traffic to your site with steady search engine results and conversions. We can help you to build on your strengths and improve your company brand and reputation as a web leader.

Call or email GWD to learn more about our technology consulting and support services: 0845 643 9323