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Our Bug Free Website Guarantee
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We guaratnee an error free website for all of our clients. Perfetion is what we achieve

Bug Free Website Development

When your website looks as it should across all browsers and devices, then we need to thoroughly debug it and test that it’s error free. Before going live we will carry out a range of tests on your site, debugging and checking for errors with a series of different load tests on various scenarios. GWD Web Designers guarantee all of our work as it is our responsibility to ensure your site is working as it should. Any errors or bugs are fixed by us, pre-launch and post-launch too.

  • Final Testing & Debugging
  • Going Live Website Launch

Testing & Debugging Your Website Pre-Launch

Pre-Launch Testing and Debugging

We thoroughly test all of our websites before they go live. Everything is tested rigorously and we invite our clients to test every aspect of the site too. Key areas for testing and debugging include::

  • Link Validation: W3C markup validation to check links and anchors, referenced objects in each web page, CSS stylesheets and (X)HTML Markup.
  • SEO Scores: Tests that analyse domain authority, site load time, sitemap structure, robots.txt validity, meta content, H-tags, javascript and much more.
  • Functionality Logic: Checking the website to ensure that all the required functionality is operating as it should.
  • Page Load Analysis: We use tools that give us an insight on how well your website loads, giving us actionable data on how to optimise it.
  • Form Data: Testing that all website forms are capturing and submitting the data from every field.
  • Spelling & Grammar: We have experts in UK English working full time, proof reading site content our work.

When we’ve thoroughly tested and debugged every aspect of the website and we’re satisfied that it’s ready to go live, then we need to ensure the client is happy to schedule a date and a time to launch. It’s important to make sure admin staff are fully trained in every area of the site so they’re familiar with the back end control panel and admin menus. GWD will make sure your staff are well trained, so get the bubbly on ice as it’s an exciting time when we move the site from development mode into live mode!

Website Goes Live!

The Website Launch is Just the Beginning

The launch is a very exciting day for both you and ourselves. Our team work very hard on every project and we take great pride in our work so it’s as exciting for us when your new website is launched.

If you’ve signed up with us for search engine optimisation, website marketing campaigns or website maintenance then we will be working closely with you for the foreseeable future, so just because the site is now live, it’s not the end of our work. Some say it’s just the beginning in fact, like a birth it’s the start of a new life and with the right nurturing and guidance it will be a very rich and rewarding life too. We start by monitoring analytics and data logs and checking for errors as the public start to put load on the new server. This is an ongoing process and something we watch very closely as it helps us to plan and make constant improvements to your site.

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