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Websites Need Smart, Modern Branding and Sales Messaging

The Art of Branding and Messaging

Brand development is more than just graphics design and colour schemes. It’s all about style and originality! Your website, your company branding, your marketing and messaging must all work in sync to describe exactly what you offer and why people should choose you.

Your website visitors should instantly relate to your branding and sales messaging with clever slogans that describe who you are and what you do. Your key message about the benefits of your products and services form the heart of your brand communication. Let’s make your website branding stylish, modern, quirky and clever all rolled into one.

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Think of your Website as the Multimedia Platform of your Business

Let us create a professional looking website for your company with captivating content, beautiful graphics, colour coordination and persuasive sales messaging. Our overall strategy for your business website is to achieve a high ranking internet presence and the perception of a real quality brand.

Your website is the window to your brand.

What your customer sees when they land on your website is how they will judge you. It just takes a few seconds for someone to form an opinion and these first impressions are absolutely critical. The quality of your website and overall branding must really be top notch. Your website is likely the only thing that site visitors have to go on, so what they see is how you’ll be perceived. They know nothing about your company, other than what your website shows them. Let’s make sure that you’re judged on something that’s portraying you as a professional brand, an industry leader!

How Can GWD Help With Your Branding?

The first thing that the Glasgow Website Designer look at is brand evaluation. We will take time to review your existing branding material and your current position on the internet. We also compile a competitor analysis and a website review. After this initial evaluation, we will prepare an outline strategy with a comprehensive action plan. What we do is thorough and we do it with the intention of turning our clients into the leaders of their industry.

We don’t just look at your website and your competitors, we look at your online reputation and reviews. Word of mouth online is so powerful and it can really make or break your brand so it needs to be monitored and reviewed regularly. Anyone considering your company will most likely check out your reviews as they want to know you more intimately, engaging with the brand they are considering.

We will consider your brand too, but we will assess where it is at the moment. What do people like about your brand and why do they use it? What perceptions are associated with your brand out there? We’ll compare the perception you have of your own brand to the perception that we form from our analysis. Sometimes you need to take a step back to see if your own perception of your own brand is in fact reality.

  • We get to know your brand perception. To change the way your brand is perceived, we need to know it and see it for what it is (not just for what you think it is). It doesn’t really matter how you perceive your own brand, it’s how others perceive it that counts. We will find, listen and track what people are saying about your brand online. We will determine what your customers are saying about your brand, we will read review sites, forum comments and social media and we will formulate this in our brand perception report. We will listen what people say and we will find out how they are hearing about your brand. Are they recommending your brand to others? If they are not then why not? Our aim here is is to see if this is how you perceive things and if this is how you want your customers to see your brand. Armed with our brand perception report then you will have the opportunity to change and improve things.
  • We get to now your customer. GWD want to ensure that you’re not taking the wrong approach to your sales messaging and branding by really getting to know your customer. If you are targeting a specific group of people with specific interests then we will carry out a study on this group, their geographical trends and life stage buying triggers. It is important that marketing resources are concentrated efficiently but it is also important that targeting is not limiting your brand-building efforts. Brand perceptions vary culturally and geographically so we will get to know and understand the distinctions and how they relate to your business.
  • We find what resonates with your customer. We will find ways to identify with your target market be it through social media, music, food or special interest groups. By identifying lifestyle trends among your audience we can channel this into your branding and sales messages for maximum impact. It’s about finding what may resonate with your customers and using this to angle your slogans and messaging and making the most of the research that we do.
  • We manage your perception.. If you profess to be the biggest and the best in the business and you claim to have amazing customer service or an unrivaled selection then we need to ensure these claims are being perceived to be true. If you are not delivering on your claims then the reality will counteract your efforts. GWD will ensure that your claims are well founded and realistic. You may be getting sales on the strength of existing brand perception, but you must deliver on your promise at all levels to ensure sustainability.

Let’s get to work on this. In fact, let’s get started today! This is your opportunity to change your business and really turn it around. In just twelve weeks, people who visit your website will see you as a leader. They will leave your site with the right perception, a high-quality brand that understands their needs and provides foolproof solutions to solve them.

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