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What is a Web Application?

Custom Web Apps Explained

A web app is a customised system for your business, hosted online instead of locally on your computers. It could be your customer database or your project diary made available to all of your employees with tiered authorisation for admins to operatives. Online web applications are tailored to your business needs, custom built in-house solutions which are designed around your organisation.

These are complete business systems which we help you to design from scratch so that it makes your day-to-day business operations flow easier, more smoothly, providing you with innovative features that automate the manual tasks and reduce data entry (eliminating human error). It might be an order processing and order allocation system to be used only within your company; or a it might be an online affiliate programme used with your business partners or re-sellers. A familiar example is the online holiday booking systems you see on hotel websites or airlines. Another example is an online auction site which is integrated into your calendar and inventory list. Effectively it’s a system that’s custom designed to suit your business needs and make your manual input and data entry as simple as it can be.

Web applications make use of online hosting to provide customised, interactive business platforms or interfaces that deliver the perfect solution for your organisational needs. Essentially, web apps are bespoke software solutions and you will be amazed at how they can simplify your day-to-day operations when you get the Glasgow Website Designers involved.

They Types of Technologies Used in Web Applications

Web apps are interactive systems that allow many users to log into a live system that updates in live time, allowing your staff to work remotely in harmony on a system that’s constantly up-to-date. Every entry from every user is instantly updated so this type of system means that ‘client-side’ technology like JavaScript, AJAX, SilverLight and HTML5.

In general, pages are designed in a standard HTML and CSS layout but the engine behind the system will be JavaScript and AJAX based. Web programming languages like PHP or ASP.NET are used to streamline the system with the database and store information.

Why Would We Need a Custom Designed Web App?

Custom web apps are built when out-of-the-box solutions aren’t available, or when your company requires an ad-hoc system that’s created and designed to deal with the specific requirements within your organisation or process. These systems are tailored to your needs and they enhance employee efficiency dramatically. If they’re designed well then your customers will also find benefit if it’s integrated into their account pages.  If you already have an out-of-the-box system then it is also possible that we can make some modifications to your existing system and develop a more refined solution that streamlines your business process and brings efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The Benefits of Web Apps For Businesses

Website Application Software - Remote Access

Web based applications provide businesses and their customers with a range of benefits that non-Web based applications simply don’t deliver. Take a look at some of the key points below:

  • Immediately access to a mass audience, providing your staff and customers with instant access to the system via their browser.
  • Web based software is updated centrally on the server so one update means that every computer with access to the system will instantly see the latest version.
  • Traditional software needs to be installed on every computer, but web apps are accessible by anyone with an internet browser.
  • Web based apps can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so you can take your work home easily or outsource to people on other countries very easily.
  • Web apps are more interactive than a traditional website, so bounce rates are lower and the return rate from customers is generally higher.

Is Glasgow Website Designer a Good Choice for my Custom Web App?

We’ve built simple web apps and we’ve built intricate and complex web apps for a variety of different needs. Our flagship product, Bright Site – Internet Management System, is a good starting platform for custom web applications.  Bright Site is a scalable technology with the flexibility for bolt-on web applications using PHP, the .NET platform and MYSQL databases.

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