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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing
You Can Buy Customers so How Many Do You Want?

This is a revolution in marketing, putting your company at the top of Google, instantly!

Put Your Website on Top of Google Instantly

The Art of Purchasing New Customers

Pay Per Click Advertising Glasgow Web Designer on Page One of Google Rankings with PPC Search Engine Optimization SEO

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a 21st century marketing revolution! Never before has there been such a powerful tool that can put your business right in front of millions of people searching for your products and services. Instantly! If you aren’t using PPC then you need to be. It’s the most formidable marketing tool the world has seen and no matter your budget, you can be on top of Google within a few minutes.

Not only does PPC marketing put your website right at the top of search engines results, that’s only half of the power. If you’re using it correctly then your ad will target pre-defined geographic areas. With social media PPC you can buy an unlimited number of customers, all from a predetermined age group, gender, city, age or interest group. Ask yourself, how much money would you spend if you could buy an unlimited number of customers for your business?

By simply creating ads, choosing which keywords you would like to be ranked for and assigning a budget, you are opening your door to literally a world of new custom. Pay Per Click advertising lets your company reach more customers with local, national and international ads. Glasgow Website Designer’s will set up and manage your PPC campaign, report back on the resulting statistics and conversion rates and you can just watch as website traffic and new enquiries start to build up.


  • Minimal Start Up Costs
  • Set Monthly Budgets
  • Instant Results
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Multiple Ad Campaigns
  • Limitless Keywords
  • Landing Page Variety
  • Easy to Beat Competition

PPC Marketing in a Nutshell

Bing, Google and Yahoo have all got ad space at the top of their web pages and on the side columns of every search result page. You’ll notice these ads as they’re different from the organic search results on each page with little ‘AD’ symbols next to them and sometimes with a different background colour. These spaces are dedicated to paid advertising where companies bid on the space for specified key phrases and keywords. If for example GWD Web Designer’s wanted to appear at the top of page one on Google for the keyword “Best Website Designer”, we could set up an ad to bid against our competitors for those difficult to achieve results. Using clever AdWords techniques to fine tune our region, target audience and budget then we could pretty much guarantee results at the very top of Google within an hour or less.

Unlike other advertising mediums, with Pay Per Click you only pay when someone clicks on the ad to visit your site. How much you pay just depends on how much others are bidding against you for the same search phrase. If you have a low budget then we can set your bids as low as 1p and choose longer tail keywords. A long tail keyword could be something like, “Website Design Glasgow UK”. If you have a higher budget or a more competitive phrase, for example, “Website Design” then set it higher like 20p per click or more. It’s not always the ad with the highest bid that takes top spot though, other factors like advert quality and keyword relevance will also determine the results.

Why Invest in Pay Per Click Advertising?

There are so many benefits of using PPC advertising. You really need to be doing this for your business as it’s a guaranteed way to bring customers onto your website. PPC advertising makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons though.

Easily Beat Your Competitors

One of the biggest benefits of PPC is that no matter how small your business is, you can instantly compete with your competitors for the top spot on Google. Outrank them on any keyword by simply creating a stronger, more finely tuned campaign.

Instant Results

It’s really easy to set up an AdWords campaign and once it goes live you will see your company at the top of search results within a few moments. It’s pretty much instant search engine rankings! If your campaign is cleverly designed and well researched then you’ll get immediate results and sales/enquiries will soon follow. You’ll be on top placement right away!

Minimal Start Up Costs

Simply create a campaign and set a budget so you know what money you’ll be allocating to the campaign each day. Search engines don’t charge a penny to set up and create a PPC campaign, you only pay when people start to click on your ad. You only pay for visitors coming to your site via the ad. With PPC advertising, your budget is tailored to your goals. It’s like buying customers so how many can you afford to buy? How aggressively do you want to bid for customers?

Set Monthly Budget

It’s a setting in the admin side of your PPC campaign dashboard. How much do you want to spend each day? Just set the amount and it won’t take any more and it can be as little or as much as you like. Turn it up and down as you see fit, seasonally or even by time of the day. You can set your budget only to be used from say, 9am to 8pm or on weekdays. You can even set it to spend more of your budget in London or any given city. It’s so flexible and allows you to really get the most of your spending power.

Limitless Choice of Keywords

Pay Per Click advertising lets you to choose any keyword and any amount of key phrases for your ad. This lets you increase your search enginve visibility, dramatically. If you relied purely on organic search results then this level of visibility is just not possible. It can only be achieved with PPC.

Targeted Advertising

Whether you’re a local, national or global business you will still have different demographics who you prefer to target. PPC is amazing for this as it lets you specify who sees your adverts. You can set them to appear within within a set radius of any geographical location or even choose a specific country or city. Additionally, with social media PPC campaoigns you pre-qualify exposure to people in a certain age range, with specific interests and even gender. You can ensure that the money you’re spending is driving the right people to your website.

Multiple Ad Campaigns

You can set up as many ad campaigns as you like and organise them into categories. One ad campaign for the United Kingdom for example and another for the USA. Overlay thee campaigns into charts to comapre and contrast them in every way. This is also fantastic for testing and comparing different key phrases and different settings, finding what works best for your business and continually making tweaks and improvements.

Landing Page Variety

Different ad groups can be set to direct traffic to different category pages on your website. This is more difficult to achieve with organic search results but it’s so easy with PPC. If you have a site that sells electronics for example then you can have one PPC ad group for televisions directing traffic straight to your TV category and another ad group directing them to white goods. That way you’re getting your traffic directly to the right page on your site, based on their Google search phrases. This is invaluable.

Tracking and Analytics

Your Glasgow Website Designer’s campaign manager will ensure that your PPC campaign is as efficient as possible by tracking the success and failure of each keyword phrase. Analysing which ads are driving traffic and which keywords converting or not. We aim to ensure that each campaign is running at it’s optimum level by constantly monitoring statistics and taking action to improve and fine-tune each campaign in real time.

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Using Google AdWords to Reach Your Target Market

With demographic ad targeting you can reach people in a specified age bracket, gender, parental status and more. For example, if your business sells wedding flowers then you can target your ad group at females, between the age of 18-40 with engaged status. You simply target your ads at the audience most likely to be interested in your product.

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