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Don't be fooled by the sales tactics of SEO companies. Google Hates Them!

Search Engine Optimisation Is a Minefield

The Dangers of SEO

SEO is a Minefield

Please don’t get roped into the dangerous world of SEO companies. They will take your money but you will see nothing but trouble in return. These companies talk lots of jargon and they use scaremongering tactics to convince you that your site will be de-indexed if you don’t rush in and let them ‘fix’ things. Most search engine optimisation companies invest heavily in sales personnel but when you sign up they will outsource the work to Asia. If you don’t treat SEO with care then it will land you in a whole heap of a mess because what you need to realise is Google hates search engine optimisation! Google is at war with SEO companies as they do not like how they are trying to constantly manipulate their index.

If you want to be at the top of Google then you need to play by their rules and all they want is unique content, well written and relevant on a website that’s well coded and quick to load. Don’t play the search engine manipulation game as it will only come back to haunt you.

Google -Vs- SEO Companies

Google Panda Update 2012

To illustrate the above point, consider that just a couple of years ago website owners were spending money hand over fist for SEO companies to build links to their site. Before Google updated their algorithm, it would simply count all the links coming into your site and the more you had the higher it would rank you. This was really manipulating the search results so Google released their Panda update and everything was turned upside down. Literally! Now companies are spending thousands trying to remove and disavow all these spammy, low value links that they paid good money to create! Google are constantly trying to combat the efforts of ill-fated search optimisation companies and they are constantly moving the goal posts in an effort to stop them from manipulating the natural flow of things. Don’t fall into the trap of hiring a specialist SEO company!

  • Don’t play the SEO game as you’re playing against Google and you will definitely lose.
  • Instead of wasting your money on SEO, you should invest in a well coded website with lots of good quality content.
  • Concentrate on your website and the rest will take care of itself.

SEO Should Be Natural

SEO in a natural upwards trend

This is essential and there are many factors you need to consider if you want your site to rank high in search results::

Content is king, it always has been and it always will be so it’s absolutely paramount that your site content is not copied and pasted. Everything needs to be well written with good grammar and unique, informative descriptions. We have a team of content writers who are able to help or advise on your content as it’s really, super important.

Site load speed is high up the list of things Google is looking for. As a rule of thumb, if the page takes longer than five seconds to load then it’s not a good user experience. When we are building or maintaining a website there are dozens of factors we look at to fine-tune the load speed but it all comes down to good coding and careful optimisation.

Semantic coding is another factor that needs to be treated with high importance. Your site may look ok in the browser but run it through a W3C validator and you’ll see what Google sees. There should be no errors in the code. Coding errors is a flag to Google that something is wrong with the site so it’s not a great user experience if the code is throwing errors. Validation is something we take seriously as designers as it’s really important for SEO but also for cross-browser compatibility.

H tags and image tags, all need to be well structured and present in the right location. Most coders will neglect to use the tags properly but without them, how can a Google spider know what it’s looking at? Designers can make a site look good in a browser but a lot of web developers are lazy when it comes to the use of proper tag structures and the correct use of image tags, alt tags, title tags and H tags. GWD will keep you right.

Good Web Design

If you want your website to be a top ranked site then ‘Glasgow Website Designer’ is the perfect place to begin. We will take the pain out of the whole experience and we’ll defuse the SEO minefield for you.

Get on Top of Your Competitors With Clean SEO

SEO Foundation

Our simple SEO philosophy will provide your business with better search results than your competitors and the money you invest in this system is well spent on good content and professional coding. We design websites with SEO as the foundation stone and everything is designed with search engine optimisation in mind. Investment in a quality website will pay dividends as it adds real value to your site. Our content management tools will help you to optimise your website every time you create new content with fully comprehensive page tools and video tutorials.

We have watched search engine optimisation change businesses forever. Taking your company from the invisible to the prominent and positioning your site high in the rankings will increase traffic, create real brand awareness and maximise sales in a world of new markets. If we can take your site to the top of search engines then you will feel the success. You have the world at your fingertips with global access to every country and every market. Let’s harness this power together! Let’s get your site high in Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings! Let’s turn your organisation into a reputable and trustworthy business leader.

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