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Website Analytics and Lead Generation
Effectively Utilise Your Web Statistics

Let GWD show you how to analyse your analytics and use it to generate sales leads

Web Analytics Services

You can’t manage what you don’t measure! Measuring and analysing the performance of your site and the behaviour of your visitors is a necessity for all internet businesses. We are Google Analytics Certified and we can help you to understand the data in your analytics and ensure that you’re getting the most out of this information.

Glasgow Web Designers will monitor your traffic and provide you with monthly reports on all of the relevant data. We will show you how to interpret this data and make the correct decisions to improve your website performance. However, we take analytics a step further by installing our in-house software solutions which can actually give you the address, telephone number and name of the companies who are visiting your website right now. This is a groundbreaking lead generation package and amount of visitor data we can help you retrieve is incredible.

Glasgow Web Designer's help to create, implement and manage your Analytics
  • Identify site visitors, even if they don’t make contact.
  • Lead generation with the products or services they are interested in.
  • Website visitor statistics and behaviour patterns
  • Most popular pages, landing pages and exit pages
  • Visitor demographics and geographics
  • Search engine metrics and keywords popularity
  • New -v- returning site visitors
  • Bounce rates on home page and landing pages
  • Clickstream and click path map sequences

Most Google Analytics accounts have errors in the setup and it’s our job to iron out these problems and perfect the implementation of your webs analytics. Glasgow Website Designer’s are able to provide help and advice with all aspects of Google Analytics, troubleshooting any issues you may have and ensuring that your data is accurate and reliable in every way. We also offer in-house software that surpasses Google Analytics with real time lead generation.

Custom Built Analytics

Glasgow Web Designers website statistic and traffic software

By analysing your website data, Glasgow Web Designer’s can set out a defined plan of action to improve the performance of your site. We offer an in-house software package that analyses how visitors have found your site, where they came from, what pages they are spending their time on and how they are navigating around your categories and product pages. This is a highly perceptive software solution that allows you to make more informed decisions to improve the effectiveness of your website layout and your online marketing.

If you are currently using Google Analytics and if you are interested in a free evaluation, please contact hello@glasgowwebsitedesigner.co.uk and we’ll talk you through your statistics and explain what the data is telling you. We will give you some tips on what to change and we will show you how we can improve on your performance.

In-House Lead Generating Software

Only a very small proportion of site users will provide their contact details, it’s estimated at around 2%. Our in-house software solution will provide you with the contact details of 100% of your business visitors! If you opt for our in-house solution then you will receive daily emails with the names and contact details of every company who visited your site. You can track their site visits, looking at the pages they viewed and how they navigated your website but you will have their contact details too. It’s genius! With such invaluable information you can adopt a more informed type marketing call or email, directly to your website visitors.

Social Media Tracking

Track your social media traffic with Glasgow Web Designers website statistic software

Our in-house software includes social media tracking modules which enable you to analyse Facebook and other social media activity. The software presents your social media activity in a format that’s easy to understand, allowing you to make decisions that will increase your website traffic and sales.

Our social media add-on software is fantastic way to track and measure all of your social media activity and see where your company is being talked about or mentioned in discussions. Our software helps businesses to make informed decisions which, based on insights gained, will ultimately increase sales. Our social media tracking data is stored on the servers for up to a year which allows us to plot and identify trends and growth patterns in social media activity.

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