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Product Photography for Websites
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Presentation is everything so you need product shots that really sell your goods

Product Photography Services for Websites

Website Product Photography, Glasgow

In our role as web designers, we spend many hours browsing existing websites. It’s amazing that we find so many sites with poor or limited product photography. For example, an estate agent with a nice website featuring properties over £300k, presented with a single, low quality photo. How can anyone browsing their site get excited about a property with a small, low quality image of the exterior of the house? Where are the interior images? Why can’t we enlarge the image to see it in hi-resolution? More to the point, how many sales and enquiries is this costing the estate agent? The importance of good quality images an any website can not be understated. As we keep saying, presentation is everything and customers are influenced massively by the photographs on your site. This is why we’ve partnered with Stagestorm Glasgow to offer our customers professional solutions to this issue.

  • High quality, professional and consistent website imagery
  • On locations or white background website images for any product type
  • Lifestyle images and product photography for all sectors
  • Beautiful lighting, beautiful models, beautiful product photography

We Will Make your Product Photos Stand Out

Website Product Photography by GWD, Glasgow Website Designer

Every product will be particularly suited to different type of background. Whether it’s a clean, fresh, white background that makes your product look modern or a location shot with a model on the highstreet, we will be able to advise and we will be able to show you some different samples of different ideas and ways of illustrating your product gallery. Together, we will find the ideal type of product shots for your website.

Once we agree on a style that suits, we make the extra effort to take multiple photos for every product, really showcasing your goods from all angles. We take the time to highlight every features from every angles as it’s your photos that encourage your sales and it’s worth the extra effort. Most of your website visitors just skim past all the copy on your pages and dive right into the pictures. Additional images will show your customers that you are making the effort to show off your products and it really does make them want to buy.

We will ensure that all of your products have close up images showing all of the intricate and interesting details. Our aim is to illustrate the quality of your products and our detailed imagery, together with the extra effort we put in will definitely help to sell your goods.

We take photos in different locations, not just studio shots on white backgrounds. For example clothing on a model outdoors or bouquets being held by the bride. Showing your products being used and demonstrated give a sense of scale and value and creates more desire for the product. We advise that you use this type of shot alongside a set of studio images.

GWD Product Photography Services

Our studio has 2,500 sqft of studio space with professional photographers and experienced Photoshop editors. Your project is in good hands and your products will look amazing if you let us take the photos. We have lots of photography space with the very latest cameras and hi-tech equipment. Our aim is to provide you with the best photographs possible.

White Background Product Photography

White Background Product Photography, Glasgow

Photographing your products on a snow white background is perfect for eCommerce as it keeps your site looking clean and fresh in the gallery views. Removing the background keeps the focus on the product and stops your product gallery from looking cluttered and inconsistent. This is the ideal solution for most eCommerce product shots and the Glasgow Website Designer makes it really easy for you at really affordable prices.

Lots of white space and beautiful photography with crisp, legible fonts is a popular and modern website theme. White background photography is often a necessity in keeping with a modern template or theme. The consistency that if provides your product gallery just cannot be beaten and it makes your website look beautiful, progressive and fresh. Let GWD help you to obtain the perfect white background imagery.

Creative Product Photography

Cut out White backgrounds are perfect for most types of products but if you want to add some artistic flair then we can be a lot more creative. Maybe just a few shadows or reflections or maybe some nice lighting effects. Perhaps a more interesting angle with artistic lighting effects or rippled backgrounds. GWD can create something really special to suit any product. We are also able to post edit creative effects using Photoshop to product images a lot more dramatic and a lot more atmospheric.

Interesting Website Product Photography by Glasgow Website Designers

We offer a number of creative background effects for your product photography, each one selected to make sure that your images are stunning, eye-popping and really grab the attention of your customers. From vivid, colourful backgrounds to dark and enchanting scenes, our photography solutions are guaranteed to have the desired effect.

Get in touch with Glasgow Website Designer’s, let us know more about your product and we’ll come up with creative new ways to showcase your goods. We’ll suggest some imaginative ways to present photos of your products on your site and we’ll provide you with several different options. We’ll provide you with prototype images, overlaid on your website so you can see how the different effect will look on your site. You’ll be able to choose the scenery and the different backgrounds effects that feel suit your website and your company profile. When we’ve found the perfect option then we can roll that out across the entire website for you.

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